‘Bout Ayurelf

Hello Hello ;)


Hello everyone

Let me introduce myself.

Name : Ayu Rachmawati (My close friends call me Ayur because of some reason, you can call me Ayur if you want)

TTL : Sleman, Yogyakarta. 24 Oktober 1994 (94liner)

School : SMA N 1 DEPOK Sleman (BBC)

Hobbies : writting, singing, dancing, reading, watching movie

Twitter : @Ayurelf and @C_HYoung

Facebook : Ayur Horvejkul

Facts :

  • I adore SUPER JUNIOR and others Kpop boyband and girlband so much, espsecialy Cho Kyuhyun of SJ.
  • Selfish and shy girl
  • Love to be irresponsive girl
  • Member of HJr (Hwating Junior) cover dance (i wish i am a magnae, but i am not >.< lol)
  • I hate two-faced, backstabber, spoiled person
  • Gossip girl
  • Moody
  • Kalau lagi kesel, marah, bete pasti diem tanpa kata
  • Suka kagolan
  • Memperlakukan orang sama kayak dia memperlakukan gue. Kalo dia baik gue baik, dan sebaliknya.
  • Cerewet, banyak omong, bacot abis

how about you? let’s be friend 🙂

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